Due to local government restrictions, we were forced to temporarily stop broadcasting. We will resume work soon. For all of our subscribers, the term of membership will be extended by the number of days, twice as long as the lack of broadcast time.









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The main goal of the LifeUnderCam project is to overcome the barrier that separates us from the real life of other people. Most people prefer the privacy of their private lives, but we try to attract liberated people to the project. Our participants do not object to being watched by live voyeur cam.

The project participants are completely immersed in their own lives, doing everyday things, communicating and enjoying intimacy. There are completely different people among them , each has their own interests and creative hobbies. And you can always be present nearby and watch live emotions, unexpected events and bright moments of their life.

There are no "blind" zones in the participants' apartments (toilet?). Absolutely all rooms, including bathrooms, loggias and balconies, are equipped with hidden voyeur cams. In rooms of the greatest interest,in bedrooms, for instance, several cameras are installed, allowing to observe the participants from different angles.

We closely follow the development of technologies and use only modern high-tech live voyeur cam equipment, including such features as the night shooting. The most exciting moments of participants' lives are recorded by the administrator and posted on the site so you can see them at a convenient time.

Administrators of the LifeUnderCam project monitor the uninterrupted operation of all equipment 24 hours a day, ensuring that there are no interruptions in broadcasts. The specifics of the project involves live broadcasts, so malfunctions are possible,including reasons which are beyond our control. We make every effort to ensure that, in the event of any technical problems, they are eliminated as quickly as possible.

The number of pairs in the project is growing, so you can always choose those who will be the most interesting to you. Participants live in different time zones, so at any time of day you will have someone to look at. The development of the project involves the emergence of participants from different countries, including the United States, communicating in their native languages.

The audience of the project includes people from various parts of the world, so we plan to translate the site into all major international languages. The project development plans also suppose blogging, in which stories and news about our participants will be posted. We also plan to increase the number of hidden voyeur cams.

Part of the content is provided completely free of charge, allowing you to get a complete picture of the project and the content that we provide. After that, you can make payment and get full access to live video in 24/7 mode.

The LifeUnderCam project is registered in the US and fully complies with the current legislation of this country. All our participants are above 18 years old. Children do not appear in the participants' apartments, and all guests are warned about the video recording.

We are creative about the development of the project and are always open to new ideas. If you have any ideas, wishes or comments, please write to us at support@lifeundercam.com.